Anodized aluminum. Ideal for many specialized applications

Anodized aluminum is a key material in the applications discussed above. But its unique weight advantages, incredible natural beauty and corrosion resistant durability makes it an ideal choice in an even wider variety of industries.

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Anodized aluminum has numerous applications in signage and nameplates, medical products and technologies. Its clean, easily maintained appearance is a key advantage in patient health and confidence, and its lighter weight can make vital equipment more portable and maneuverable. Electronics, too, are a common destination for components made from anodized aluminum, due to their light weight, non-conductive film characteristics, adhesive qualities and corrosion resistance.

In the growing field of solar energy, anodized aluminum is increasingly well received for its ability to provide a strong framing structure for photovoltaic cells, reflective properties for solar concentrators and absorptive characteristics for solar water heaters, while its lighter weight reduces shipping costs and places less stress on supporting building sections. The specialized applications appropriate for anodized aluminum are nearly unlimited and can be ordered in sheet form.  

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