If it moves, it moves more efficiently in anodized aluminum.

Moving people or things costs money. But it costs less money if you can reduce the weight of the vehicles you use to do it. That's why so many manufacturers in transportation-related industries are recognizing the great value of anodized aluminum, both for its weight advantages and its exceptional appearance and durability.

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In the automotive industry, components and subassemblies made of aluminum are helping reduce vehicle weight and increase fuel efficiency to appeal to drivers and meet tougher mandated standards.

Anodized aluminum is an ideal choice, as well, for transportation applications that require greater amounts of metal paneling, such as recreational vehicles, commercial trucks and rail cars, and the buses and trains used for commercial mass transit. In addition to the reduced weight that lowers energy demand, these applications also benefit greatly from the ability of anodized aluminum to retain its sleek, attractive appearance and resist the effects of wear that other metals and painted surfaces can show over time.

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