History of Lorin Industries

Lorin Industries has enjoyed a rich history since 1943. Our world leadership in metal finishing continues through innovation and creativity, keeping us at the leading edge of technology. Our success can be attributed to Lorin’s employees, our greatest asset. We strive to meet our customers’ requirements without fail and to identify new ways that we can work together to enhance our customers’ success.

Herb Kersman founded what is now Lorin Industries in 1943 through the expansion of a small electroplating firm in Muskegon, Michigan. During the war this company, known as Kersman Equipment and Plating, supported large local firms with cadmium and zinc-plated material for the war effort. Post-war growth saw a change in business direction and location. Kersman Equipment and Plating outgrew their existing location in downtown Muskegon, so the company moved to its present location, occupying an old tomato patch on the outskirts of town.

The growing demand for anodized aluminum prompted Herb Kersman to change business direction and build our first anodizing process line in 1948. The anodizing business continued to grow into the next decade, fueled heavily through a joint venture and a new company was formed: Coil Anodizers, Incorporated. Finally, in the mid 1950’s, Lorin built our first ‘continuous coil’ anodizing line—the first in North America. By the mid 60’s we had three lines running and also added slitting and shearing services for our customers. Even with the challenges of a fire that caused severe damage to the building in 1962, the Coil Anodizers team pulled together to continue production while the building was reconstructed.
A successful decade concluded with the achievement of our first million dollars of sales and the introduction of Lorin Industries, an all inclusive company name encompassing Kersman Equipment and Plating , Coil Anodizers, Inc. and Kersco, a small machine shop.

The remainder of the 20th century continued to bring change to Lorin with the addition of two anodizing lines added in the 70’s as well as increased efficiencies achieved through high levels of automation. Warehouse and state-of-the-art water treatment facilities soon followed. Herb Kersman’s son, Robert “Buzz” Kersman, stepped up as Lorin’s new leader in the early 1980’s, bringing with him the addition of line 6 and the introduction of three cutting edge brands: PreMirror®, DuraMatt® and ColorIn®. We stepped into international markets in the late 1980’s with the introduction of a Sales and Marketing office in Europe. By 1990 “Lorin” became the single company name for all of our domestic and international business. We further expanded internationally with business in Latin America and Asia and simultaneously added two new anodizing lines and the Georg slitter to support business within the growing electronic and lighting markets.

Today, Lorin is a multi-million dollar company, partnering with hundreds of customers located in multiple countries serving a wide range of markets. Park Kersman, a grandson of Herb Kersman and son of Buzz Kersman, became the third generation owner of Lorin Industries in 2006. Keeping the traditional values of customer focus, innovation and growth the same, Lorin industries continues to strive to be the world leader in coil anodized aluminum finishing solutions. It was through innovation and a commitment to our environment that enabled Lorin Industries to build a state of the art waste treatment facility that has made Lorin the recipient of environmental recognition. This, in combination with our ability to recycle many of the products used in and for our process, has put us ahead of the curve for a continually improving environmental atmosphere. Furthermore, with a focus on innovation for our customers, we have had success in introducing seven new bands with endless color, size and finish options available. We specialize in innovative customization, offering everything from standard products to very unique products created to meet specific customer requirements. We continue to explore new market opportunities for anodized aluminum while welcoming new product development opportunities with our customers in an effort to take us beyond today and into tomorrow.