Clear Anodizing

Aluminum brings with it an inherently stunning natural beauty. Clear anodizing builds an anodic layer onto the surface of that aluminum to protect it, while allowing the natural beauty of the aluminum to shine through.

Lorin’s clear anodized products are excellent options for an almost unlimited variety of applications from exterior aluminum panels, composite or honeycomb panels, door hardware and small electronic components.  Clear anodized aluminum products are UV stable for exterior applications, compliant with NSF/ANSI Standard 51 standards for the food service industry, and exceptional solar reflective and high emissivity properties to support cool roofing design standards.

Like all Lorin coil-anodized products, they offer long-term advantages like durability, low maintenance and a finish that will never chip, flake, or peel - because it can’t. And at about one-third less the weight of other metals, clear anodized aluminum lowers costs and improves production efficiencies greatly.


Multiple applications where clear anodizing is very important to the manufacturer and designer.

Finishes available

Lorin offers a variety of clear anodized finishes, including mill finish, brushed, bright, perforated, and other specialty finishes. Some products available in sheet.

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