Smarter appliances come from smarter appliance manufacturers.

Appliances are more than merely the jobs they do. Anodized aluminum can make them function better – and work harder – for those who manufacture them as well as those who use them.

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Food preparation today is equal parts craftsmanship and showmanship. From top-tier executive chefs to that most-beloved cook of all – mom - those who prepare meals for family or customers want their kitchens to be highly appealing but low maintenance. That sets the crossbar pretty high for creative kitchen backsplash designs, exhaust fans and vents, dishwasher fronts, and other appliances used in the process. But anodized aluminum offers the perfect solution for many food service applications, with beautiful natural surfaces (rated for direct food contact where appropriate) that retain their good looks for years, yet are easy to clean and maintain.

Anodized aluminum isn’t only for kitchens. It is also the perfect material for the manufacture of other large appliances such as clothes washers and dryers – and other commercial and industrial applications such as retail coin laundries, walk-in coolers, deli cases, ice machines and many more.

For more information about how Lorin’s anodized aluminum products perform in specific appliance applications, click on one of the links below. Also available in sheets.

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