Other Appliances

The same performance benefits that make Lorin Coil Anodized Aluminum an ideal choice for large kitchen appliances make it equally desirable for a multitude of other applications; from small appliances in that same home or restaurant kitchen, to hundreds of other devices in industries ranging from manufacturing to healthcare.

The classic appearance conveys quality and cleanliness. That creates a very favorable impression not only in foodservice environments, but also in industries such as healthcare and hospitality, where those qualities provide extra comfort and reassurance to guests and patients. The anodized surface resists fingerprints and is easy to maintain, so those good looks will last even longer.

Other Appliances - Solar OvensOther Appliances - Medical CartsOther Appliances - Warming DrawersOther Appliances - Outdoor Grilles

Here are just a few of the many other appliance applications for which Lorin Coil-Anodized Aluminum offers great advantages.

• Solar Ovens
• Toaster Ovens
• Outdoor Grilles
• Medical Device Carts
• And many more …

Check out some of Lorin’s finish options ideal for other appliance applications. Some products available in sheet.

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