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Lorin anodized aluminum has proven itself as a top-quality option for architects who are looking for outstanding performance and a distinctive appearance for building exteriors. But it doesn’t take a project of the magnitude of the New Orleans Superdome to benefit from those advantages – they apply to a multitude of other exterior applications.

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For a project to truly deliver on its promise, some less obvious components of the structure must measure up to the same standards as the exterior finish that first “meets the eye.” Soffits, store fronts, column covers and other parts of the structure can contribute to the visual appeal and long-term functionality of the building through the durability and clean, attractive looks that are key benefits of using anodized aluminum in their construction.

Lorin anodized aluminum is an excellent choice for a broad range of other exterior architectural applications, including: 

Check out Lorin’s family of products approved for other exterior architectural applications.

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