In most cases, a building is first noticed by its street level exterior. But architects and building owners know that the roof is an equally – and perhaps even more – important place to look for an indication of building quality and sustainable performance. In addition to weathering the same environmental elements as any other part of the exterior, the roof faces additional stressors. The material chosen has great implications for how well that roof will perform in terms of releasing absorbed heat (thermal emittance) and how well it resists solar heat (solar reflectance).

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Lorin offers a number of anodized aluminum products that offer excellent performance in these areas. Lorin’s ClearMatt® products meet EPA/Energy Star Initial Program Requirements for roofing products. Our new Antique Copper Anodized Collection offers striking good looks, while meeting AAMA 611 specifications for weather resistance. And like all Lorin products, they are an environmentally friendly choice – 100% recyclable, and requiring less energy to ship, inventory, and install due to their weight – as little as one third the weight of other metals.

The bottom line is that when you choose Lorin anodized aluminum for the top of your building, it can help you earn LEED credits, create an environmentally responsible building, and get the benefits of durability, low maintenance, and money-saving energy performance from day one.

Lorin anodized aluminum is an excellent choice for a broad range of roofing and exterior applications, including:

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