Windows and Doors

Windows and doors play a critical role in the life of a building. Their appearance is extremely important, as they are usually the most “up close and personal” point of contact that visitors and building occupants have with the building. At the same time, doors and windows (especially exterior) must perform. They are exposed to dramatic climactic extremes, and also to heavy use as they are opened and closed frequently.

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Coil anodized aluminum from Lorin Industries is an excellent material choice to deal with these challenges. The beautiful look of aluminum is versatile – available in finishes that allow the natural beauty to shine through, and in looks that mirror the appearance of other metals, like copper, brass, stainless steel and more, without the drawbacks of those metals. Doors and windows can be specified with just the finish to accent the most elegant and breathtaking design idea.

And that beauty is durable, even under heavy use. With anodized aluminum, the finish is integral - there is nothing to chip, flake, or peel, unlike brass or copper. The anodized finish will not tarnish like real brass or patina like real copper. Doors and windows of Lorin anodized aluminum open your mind to unlimited possibilities.

Here are door and window component applications for which Lorin anodized aluminum is an excellent option:

Check out some Lorin products that are especially appropriate and popular choices for window and door applications.

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