Architectural – Interior Finishes

Once you pass through the doors of the building, the possibilities of anodized aluminum really open up! The clean, static-free surface is ideal for an incredible variety of interior applications. Anodized aluminum is available in a variety of standard colors and finishes, including those in our new Antique Copper Anodized Collection, which offers all the beauty of real copper without the weight and other disadvantages. You can also take advantage of a literally unlimited array of customer made-to-order solutions, including sheets.

Whatever your choice, the anodize finish is part of the surface, so it can’t chip, flake or peel like paint. That durability means those great looks will last indefinitely, with a minimum amount of maintenance required. Besides - Why would you want to cover up the metallic beauty of the aluminum by covering it up with paint?

Anodized aluminum is an environmentally responsible alternative. And of course the weight advantage means lower inventory and shipping costs, and quite simply “more metal for your money” when compared to other metals – another important consideration, especially when choosing interior panel configurations. 

Interior panels are just the beginning; check out the many ways that the beauty and performance characteristics of anodized aluminum give your project an “inside” edge: