Signage and Nameplates

Signs deliver information about a business: a name, an address, a service provided. But a sign conveys a lot more through its design and material; a sign subtly says a great deal about the quality and contemporary image of that business. And that is where the true value of anodized aluminum from Lorin has its greatest impact as a material for signage.

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When used for signage and nameplates, anodized aluminum delivers physical advantages. Its durability keeps it looking great over longer periods of time than other materials, since the anodized finish is part of the metal and can’t chip, flake, or peel. But it also attaches to the business a clean, attractive, and up-to-date image for the business to all who see it. The same is true for other types of identifying and directional signage for trade shows, conferences and a hundred other uses.

Anodized aluminum signage may help direct you to a business. But it may also be a sign that the business has already arrived!

Lorin anodized aluminum is an excellent choice for a broad range of signage and nameplate applications, including:

Check out Lorin's family of products approved for signage and name applications. Some products available in sheet.

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