Recreational Vehicles

A recreational vehicle can be a complex piece of technology, combining aspects of a car with those of a house. They come in many types and sizes, from small pop-up trailers to full blown rolling residences. But whatever end of the spectrum it occupies, an RV is an ideal application in which anodized aluminum can play a lead role.

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As in all transportation applications, rising gas prices make weight an important consideration. And at one third the weight of other metals, anodized aluminum offers a major cost savings opportunity. Wall and ceiling panels, framing, fixtures and other components made of anodized aluminum present a striking appearance, and offer a low-maintenance finish that won’t flake, chip, or peel.

RVs are designed to go places; here’s a quick look at some of the many places anodized aluminum can go in RV manufacturing.

Check out some of our finishes recommended for recreational vehicles and other transportation applications.

Decorative Product Solutions:

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