Slitting, Cut-To-Length, and Other Services

The coil anodizing process creates a material with almost unlimited applications. But to make it an even more attractive option, Lorin Industries has developed many value-added services to meet our client’s unique requirements by making coil-anodized aluminum even more efficient and user-friendly in the manufacturing and installation process. Our slitting and cut-to-length sheet capabilities are popular choices.


The coil anodizing process maximizes production output by processing in large width coils.  Lorin Industries takes the coil anodized product to the next level by offering our clients coil slitting services.  We have the capability to slit the anodized coil into multiple widths.  This ensures that the finished coil is handled minimally and that the delivered product is “ready to use” at the factory or job site. Lorin’s capabilities are extensive:


In a similar fashion, Lorin Industries offers cut-to-length sheet services for clients requiring flat sheeted material. Here, too, Lorin is prepared to deliver reliable services and offers the following capabilities:

Embossing and Perforation

Lorin Industries value-added services include a variety of embossed finishes for a distinctive appearance. Hammertone and Pebbletone embossed finishes are just a few of the products stocked and ready for immediate shipment. Many other embossed patterns are also available.

Lorin Industries now offers a variety of Perforated aluminum finishes available in coil and sheet, in a range of gauges and widths, seven different patterns, in ClearMatt®, ColorIn® Series, or your favorite color.   When the architect or designer requires a unique and creative design for parking garage screens or other applications, we are your one-stop shop. 

Note: Gauge, width and minimum order quantities apply on embossing and perforation services.  Please consult with Lorin’s Inside Sales Representative for availability.


With a growing portfolio of production capabilities, Lorin is well outfitted to serve as your tolling solution. The coil anodizing process, or virtually any component of that process, can be packaged and delivered in a configuration that fits the unique requirements of a particular customer. Lorin has not only perfected a more technologically advanced anodizing process, but also a system in which it can be delivered most effectively and efficiently for each customer.

Standard anodizing services include natural finishes, organic and inorganic coloring, electrolytic two-step coloring, AnoGrip® Type4,  AnoGrip® Type5, and ClearMatt® Adhere®. We also maintain and control production records on all toll anodized orders to ensure consistent, reliable quality assurance coil after coil.

Lorin Industries also offers our tolling customers color matching services. Forward a sample of the color to be matched, or color values, and let our Technical Team do the rest.